Orthodontics Wexford – Braces for Children & Adults

Looking for beautifully straight teeth. We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments to suit your needs and timeline. Prime Dental is one of the longest providers of orthodontic care in Wexford, with over 30 years experience. We offer orthodontic treatments for both adults and children.

Orthodontics for Children

For the vast majority of children the ideal age to start treatment is around 11 years of age when the last of the baby teeth are falling out. However, early treatment can sometimes simplify later treatment particularly when early loss of baby teeth causes unfavourable changes in a patient’s bite. In such cases it can be beneficial for the orthodontist to see the child by age 8. Early treatment can also help correct problems due to thumb sucking and some crossbites.

Orthodontics for Adults

Today more than one quarter of all people wearing braces are aged 18 to 70. Many enter treatment after seeing how a nice smile and healthy teeth have made a huge difference to their own children. Improvements in treatment times, techniques and materials allow for quick, safe orthodontic treatment even for adults who may have experienced some breakdown or loss of teeth and supporting bone.

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